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Welcome / Drako's Playground Art/Photo Gallery Activation Requests
« Last post by dwsteam on October 29, 2019, 01:33:27 am »
This forum is meant for new users to Drako's Playground Art/Photo Galleries and need their accounts activated.

You may reply to this forum with the following to request your account activation:

Which galleries did you sign up for?
Drako's Playground Art
Drako's Playground Photos

What is your username on the aforementioned galleries?

Should we reply here or e-mail you?
If e-Mail, what's your e-Mail?
Site Discussion / Seeking Content Moderators / System Admins
« Last post by dwsteam on October 19, 2019, 07:39:50 pm »
We are looking for anyone interested in volunteering time as a Content Moderator or a System (Website) Admin.

Moderators and Admins are our first/last lines of defense against spammers, trolls, and other rule breakers.

Moderators are expected to:
Keep an eye on Drako's Den/Playground Art/Photo Galleries, Forums, and Chat.
Activate user accounts on Drako's Den/Playground Art/Photo Galleries.
Help moderate submitted content to ensure it follows our AUP, Community Rules, and TOS.   
(Which should also align with server rules.)
Help monitor/moderate our chats to ensure all users are behaving.
(With the ability to kick/ban users who misbehave.)

We do not expect moderators to operate on a full time bases, and may operate part time, or during their spare time.

System Admins are expected to:
Do all functions of a Moderator
Confirm and add Video submissions
Maintain the website, which would include weekly updates to the home page.
Follow the DWS Team rules in regards to website/server maintenance.

System Admins are also known as DWS Team Members and should be familiar with HTML, CSS, JS, and other web development languages.

System Admins are also encouraged to take on tasks as DWS Team Members, which includes working on other websites as well.

Both Content Moderators and System Admins should:
Create/Maintain Accounts on all Drako's Den/Playground Services (Galleries, Forums, Chat)
(This includes having a registered nickname on Anthrochat IRC for our chat rooms.
Actively participate on Drako's Den/Playground on a regular basis.
(This includes uploading to the galleries and posting to the Forums.)

We will personally interview all applicants for either position.

Before we will consider any applicant they must:
Be at least 18 years of age (we run an adult website after all)
Have uploaded at least 1 submission per gallery.
Have posted at least 2-5 posts to either/both Forums.
(The first post may be a User Description on the User Description Boards.)
Have spent at least 30 minutes in either/both Chats.

If you are interested in being a content moderator please comment below with the following:




Instant Messengers (Service and Handle):

List your Drako's Den/Playground Account names:   
(We do not want any passwords as that is against the rules)

List URLs to your submissions on Drako's Den/Playground Art/Photo Galleries:

Explain why you would like to be a content moderator and why we should consider you:
(You may also include any experience you have as a moderator.)

Or if you are interested in becoming a System Admin, follow this link:
Welcome / FOSTA Rules
« Last post by dwsteam on April 06, 2018, 08:15:09 pm »
In response to a bad bill called FOSTA/SESTA - which prohibits any website from allowing users to post anything related to sex work and/or trafficking - we have devised the following Rule regarding our Forums:

Our Community Rules Strictly PROHIBIT using our site for anything illegal, therefore due to FOSTA - it is against our Community Rules to post ANYTHING that could even be seen as a "Personal's" type of posting.

Therefore, it is against our Community Rules for users to make any posts or have any discussions that entail meeting with anyone else for any sort of fun or play.

We also will discourage users from having any public discussions on our site and forums that entail meeting anyone else for any reason - even if just for a cup of coffee.

Our Team will have to delete any threads or discussions of this nature. While our forums are for kinky discussion, they cannot - and must not - be used for Personal Ads.
Site Discussion / Chat Rooms
« Last post by dwsteam on August 18, 2017, 01:16:12 pm »
Drako's Playground also has chat rooms hosted on the Anthrochat IRC Network.

You can login to our chat on any IRC Client using the information below:



Or you can use our official chat page here:
User Description Board / Drako Swiftclaw
« Last post by Drako Swiftclaw on August 08, 2017, 02:57:58 am »
The first thing you may notice about this creature before you is his decently sized black leathery dragon wings. He flutters them a bit as he notices your glance, his deep hazel eyes having a playful glint in them as he smiles warmly.

This creature, seemingly mostly feline with black silky fur along his body stands at about 5' 3" tall. He turns to face you a bit, his eyes seeming to pierce into your soul as you cannot help but notice the horns atop his head. White fur lining them, except for the tip, where it consists of what looks like white bone. He had two feline ears on the outsides of those horns atop his head. His right ear had a piercing with a small hoop in it.

His face features three white stripes, along with a white chin and neck. He smiles and purrs softly.

Around his neck was one of two things, if not both. The first was a silver chain with an Amethyst hanging from it. The second is a dual layer pink/black leather collar lined with royal blue fur.
There are 3 Tags on his collar.
The first, a military style tag that reads:
"Drako Swiftclaw, Handler of Steel" on one side and:
"Drako, Pet kitty of Storm Graywing" on the other.
The Second Tag is his SEA-PAH Member Tag.
The third, a blue bone shaped tag on his collar reads:
"Drako Swiftclaw, Tabby-Twogon" on one side and:
"Pet of Zion Wulfspau" on the other.

From there, you can notice the white fur continuing down his chest and belly.
As for his attire: Most days, he will wander about in just a pair of underwear or a diaper. He has some style of chastity cage on under his attire every day except for Saturday or the days he's wearing a diaper. On Sunday, however, he will be clad in a black silk loincloth with a chastity cage on under that.
He does have an underwear fetish and the style of underwear he wears can vary greatly, and has been known to "borrow" underwear from others and wear that as well, even if it was just on the other person.

His legs are nicely built, black silky fur, like the rest of him, with white stripes along his legs. His digitigrade feline feet were covered in that black silky fur. The pads on his paws were pink.
However, he also owns a pair of hoof leggings, which he would allow others to fit him if they desired to.
He also has reins that his partners can fit onto him. If anyone were to put his reins on him, they would have complete control over him until they take the reins off. The reins are just like horse reins with bridle, but specially fitted for his head and muzzle. They also were designed to be secured around his head. (They would fit his snout but also fit around his head like a dog's muzzle.)

He turns to let you eye his tail and back, the most notable part being that the underside of his tail consists of white scales. The rest of his tail his black furred with white stripes all the way to its tip. The tip of his tail is unique, instead of being a tuft of fur, it seems more like a bulb of flesh covered in short white fur. His back carries the same markings all the way up to his head. Leaving his arms again with the white stripes on black fur. His paws completely black furred, aide the pink pawpads.

Connecting the top of his back and the back of his head seems to be some sort of odd tubing. It is covered in black fur, which becomes more obvious along the white headfur. This artery tube being one of the few traits that can be seen of his mewtwo side. He seems cautious in regards to that sensitive spot and turns back to face you once more.

His tail constantly emits trace amounts of pheromones, which can be picked up at close range or with an extra sensitive nose. When in heat, this hybrid's tail will emit a stronger floral smelling form of pheromones, which can be quite alluring. He also tends to snack on more fruit and chocolate during this time.

If you were to move closer, you could catch a light scent of roses and chamomile, with a hint of berries. It was a pleasant scent, considering this feline loves to stay clean.

He is extremely friendly and almost constantly flirtatious. He likes making friends and enjoys the company and affections of others. He does have his own odd streak, but also has a very big heart. He would protect his friends with his life, and remains loyal to them.

He is very affectionate, and loves affection. He would gladly snuggle up to just about anyone. While he does enjoy making friends over just having playmates, it is not too hard to convince him into some fun. While he will not shy away from the females, he does have a strong preference for other males.

While his physical traits are that of his full age, he has mental age regression. This gives him a cub like personality and mentality, even though he is grown and fully aware of all the 'trouble' he gets himself into. For this reason, he openly considers himself a babyfur kitten. That being said, he is comfortable wearing diapers and using pacifiers and bottles, like any cub would. Those who are close to him may also be allowed to pad him up and/or make him use pacifiers and bottles. Since he is into WS, he can comfortably wet his padding, but cannot (and refuses to) mess it. Even with this condition, it is not a major aspect of his life, and he isn't always doing any of the cubby stuff.
(Yes, he will allow people to put him into diapers, and let them choose when the padding comes off too.)

You may find Art of Drako here:

You may find Pix of Drako here:
Library / In memoria, 10 years ago..
« Last post by dwsteam on August 06, 2017, 04:29:56 pm »
I find a little spot out in the woods, a little hollow under a great old oak, and I sit back, closing my eyes, and think of you. I remember the day still, clear as crystal in my minds eye. It never, ever gets easier. I remember my world came crashing down around my ears that day. Oh Joshua, I wish you wouldn't have gone away...

Those echoing halls closed in around me as I read the letter you left for me, making my heart race as I hoped against all hopes that it was a lie. The bullies, the fighting at home, the beatings from your parents...It all became too much, didn't it? The tears ran down my face like breaking of a pair of rusty pipes, falling like crystalline streams as I scrambled to the only place I thought you would be.

I remember, you loved the gardens so much. It was fairly quiet, filled with birdsong here and there, and we would talk. I was always the shoulder you needed, as we nurtured the life in that place. A quiet area, with no violence, only care, and love. The one thing you craved more than anything.

I remember the silence that filled my mind and my heart as I came, and didn't see you sitting there with that goofy, crooked smile and random lock of hair covering your eyes. You really were gone. My worst nightmare, a reality.

I didn't want to believe it. The letter was your goodbye, wasn't it. You
asked me to look after your parents, to get them to stop fighting. Your last wish was to see them happy. You said I that I did my best, but everything overwhelmed you. You found a place in the woods, where no one could hurt you again. I should keep moving. Never forget you, but never let myself stop moving forward.

Oh joshua, it's been 10 years to the day, and I still think back to you. You were the best friend I could have ever asked for, and I hold you close in my heart. I know that things are better for you now. I can hear it in each breeze and birdsong, see it in each little flower and treeleaf. I know that you're watching me, and giving me a little shove on the back like you used to.

Oh joshua, I've planted my roots, and bloomed new flowers, just like you wanted me to. Your parents stopped fighting, and have slowly become happy. We still talk, once a year, and remember how brave and strong a boy you were. I have carried on your inner fire, helping others where I can and trying to keep moving on, myself. My life has been filled with hardships, as I'm sure you've seen, but I've never once stopped moving forward..

I hope that you continue to smile, and keep watch over me, my guardian angel, the great Oak Tree that you were when you were here with us in this world. I will keep moving forward, Joshua. And I will always remember my best friend. As long as I keep you close in my heart, you're never really gone...

In memoria, Joshua 'The Silent Oak' maple
Library / Welcome
« Last post by dwsteam on August 06, 2017, 04:29:23 pm »
Welcome to the Drako's Den Library. An open and safe place where users can share their stories and poetry.
You may share stories and poetry here as long as they are PG-13.
User Description Board / Welcome to the Description Board
« Last post by dwsteam on August 06, 2017, 04:26:11 pm »
This is the welcome center of Drako's Playground. A place where our users may post a Description of their characters that they will use on our Chat and Forums. These Descriptions may be simple one liners or intricate and extremely descriptive.

Note: Descriptions must be PG-13.

To post a User Profile Description:
Start a new Topic
Use your character/fursona's name as the Subject
Type in the Description as the Message Body

Note: We encourage users to make detailed descriptions and you may also post any images of your characters.

You may also attach an image of your character so that we have a visual reference.
Welcome / Regarding the dwsteam Account
« Last post by dwsteam on August 06, 2017, 04:23:48 pm »
The "dwsteam" account is the core admin account for Drako's Playground and will be used to migrate threads over from our old forums.

Also the dwsteam account will be used to post stories and poetry into Drako's Playground Library for users who have their content being transferred over to Drako's Playground via our Easy Transfer Service.

Please see the thread about this service for more information.
Welcome / Easy Transfer Service
« Last post by dwsteam on August 06, 2017, 04:22:33 pm »
We get it, you may have an online gallery on some other site and don't really want to have to keep track of a ton of sites to upload and share your content with.

All the more reason why we offer such a unique service to our site's members.

What is this Unique Service? You Ask...
It is our DP Easy Transfer Service.

With our Easy Transfer Service, all you have to do to become an Active Member of Drako's Playground is fill out the form below.
We will take care of keeping an eye on your Galleries on the other site(s) you give to us and upload all your new submissions to the gallerieis here on Drako's Playground.

We still encourage you to make your own presence in comments, on the Forums, and in our chat room.
But at least with Easy Transfer, you won't have to upload your art and pix to more than one site for it to show up in at least one other location.

To join Drako's Playground using Easy Transfer, click the link below:
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