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Author Topic: My 2 cents on mis-information  (Read 118 times)


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My 2 cents on mis-information
« on: April 12, 2024, 01:19:57 am »
My two cents on mis-information

I've got a saying:
A lie has done 5 laps around the world while the truth is still putting on his shoes.

Also, most people within the ABDL community are not up to anything nefarious.
Hell, a large group of furs that run your conventions are part of the ABDL community.

That being said, if you really wish to learn the truth about me, actually get to know me instead of believing the defamatory lies being spread by someone who never met me.

It all started because I blocked someone on my former AD Twitter due to the way they were (in my opinion) stalking and mis-treating a large number of furs on AD Twitter. (And potentially breaking the law in their actions.)

They retaliated against furs on AD Twitter who merely decided we didn't want to interact with them.  Spreading similar false claims en masse.

There's also people making false claims about those within the ABDL community.  Making connections that simply do not exist.

For instance, mis-using and or hacking websites to gain access to information you should not have is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  Just like accessing a site or profile that is intended (and labeled as such) to be only for those of a certain age, and you are not of that certain age, is also a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Though upon finding out that Twitter at the time didn't require logins to view "Sensitive Media" and didn't have a proper age warning up front about said media (it was buried in the TOS) - I decided to delete my AD Twitter because I actually agree that certain people should not have super easy access to certain content.

I did used to run a couple NSFW Booru Image boards for one of my sites.
Now Booru doesn't allow any up-front age warnings for their NSFW Image Boards and I figured the only way to the ones I ran were via a website that had an Age Verification System, everyone on it should be over 18.  (I also added it as the rules to the Booru on a Sticky Thread on the Booru's Forum Page, which was the only way to add such rules to their sites.)

I found out several things about how Booru operates, including that not only did they link to all hosted Image Boards directly on their own sites -- they also allowed Search engines to spider ALL of them, including the NSFW ones.  (Was bad enough they didn't allow hiding the NSFW images unless one was logged in.)

Upon learning this, I decided -- nearly a decade ago -- to disaccoate myself and my sites from Booru.  Deleting those Image Boards entirely.

I only ever interacted with folks on my own Booru's -- under the impression they came via a site with an Age Verification System that ensured they were properly following the rules for the Booru and it's age restrictions.

Just know that mis-information is running rampant, and you cannot believe everything you see/hear.
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